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  • Monetary Unit Pool.
    posted 12/17/2017 03:26:22 by Elettriko

    Welcome to the MUE pool !!
    By needlecoin Miner Club.
    For the first 3 blocks we pay 100 ndc to the user who find it

    you can contact admin with the contact form or Telegram @Elettriko

    this pool have 0.9% fee
    more info on needlecoin forum

    More setting for tuning your hardware!

    Mining difficulty stratum vardiff min/max
    Automatic stratum+tcp://mue.needlecoinpool.eu:5333 Any
    8 stratum+tcp://mue.needlecoinpool.eu:5334 0-15
    16 stratum+tcp://mue.needlecoinpool.eu:5335 15-32
    32 *ASIC stratum+tcp://mue.needlecoinpool.eu:5336 32-63
    64 *ASIC stratum+tcp://mue.needlecoinpool.eu:5337 64-127
    128 stratum+tcp://mue.needlecoinpool.eu:5338 128-255
    256 stratum+tcp://mue.needlecoinpool.eu:5339 256-511
    512 stratum+tcp://mue.needlecoinpool.eu:5340 512-1023
    1024 stratum+tcp://mue.needlecoinpool.eu:5341 1024-2047
    2048 stratum+tcp://mue.needlecoinpool.eu:5342 2048-4095
    4096 stratum+tcp://mue.needlecoinpool.eu:5343 4096-8191
    8192 stratum+tcp://mue.needlecoinpool.eu:5344 8192-16383
    16384 stratum+tcp://mue.needlecoinpool.eu:5345 16384-32767
    32768 stratum+tcp://mue.needlecoinpool.eu:5346 32768-65535

    Raise your power !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    posted 12/17/2017 03:24:42 by Elettriko

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